I landed in Atlanta from Paris after cutting my trip early on Friday the 13th. I know, fitting luck right? I got in just in time as I was not trapped in France (they locked down the entire city the next day) and I did not have to face any screening in Atlanta. I have been in my house with my cat ever since. Thankfully, I have no symptoms of COVID-19; but, as I am taking this seriously as to avoid hurting anyone around me, I am still locking myself in my home. Along with my roommates, boyfriend, and two cats, here is what I have been up to while classes are cancelled and all doors to the outside world closed (this is not an exciting post I’ll warn you now):

Binge watch Love Island:

Hours spent: 15 (finished season 6, started season 5)Love_Island_(2015)_title-card

Swimsuits bought online: 4

Times I’ve spoken in an accent with my roommate: 7

Give self pedicure:

Times I’ve bled: 1

Colors painted: 2

Number of pedicures I’ve given boyfriend: 3

Times I’ve vacuumed up the gross mess: 0

Play with cats:

Scratches given: 3

Times I have woken up my cat for attention: 8 IMG_2548

Videos taken: 11

Fur ingested: approximately 3.5 hairs

Litterbox emptied: 0

TV (other than Love Island)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 1

Mulan: 1

New Girl episodes: 3

Grocery Checklist:

Ample food: yes IMG_4026

Last pack of bacon in the entire Walmart: yes

Toilet paper: no

Flushable toilet wipes: yes

Eggs: only one left

Bread: 3 slices left

Prepare for class in two weeks:

Hours spent reading: 2 (maybe?)IMG_4112

Books read: 0

Emails replied to: 2

Papers written: 0

Zoom account made: 1

So there it is, my fun jam-packed quarantine life. Luckily, I’ve continued to shower daily so I think that’s a great step!

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