The question I keep getting asked about moving to New York is “Aren’t you scared about COVID?” and the very popular phrase “With all that stuff that’s going on???”

Well, considering I was living in a southern state, no I am not afraid of COVID. New York is a state with some of the lowest cases in the country. They’re handling it so well, that’s what was shocking. This morning I woke up and ran around the corner to get a bagel and iced coffee. Everyone I passed had a mask on and there were no crowds anywhere. Where in the south have you been where everyone is wearing a mask outside? I felt so safe!

I happily took my cream cheese laden bagel home since the state is not yet allowing people to eat indoors. I’m fine with that! I get to enjoy the outside and make food at home more.

Quarantining is weird; you spend all day sitting around feeling lazy because you’re not at work (super happy I work for a company that pays during quarantine!) and all you do is think of things you should buy. It’s very unhealthy.

But I’ve never felt safer from this pandemic! I encourage you all to wear your masks and stop complaining. That’s it. It’s not that hard. Stop traveling, stop going out, it’s not cool. I’m in the coolest city in the country and they’re not doing it, so why are you?

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