Very unlike my usual blogs, this post highlights the total abandonment of fashion and current trends. No Met Gala? No problem!


These are a personal favorite. They come in all shapes and colors, and have some very interesting designs. I often find myself sporting a pair decorated with Spongebob covering his private area with the phrase “Spongebob Nudiepants” on the side. There’s also a great set covered in The Christmas Story references.



I don’t know about you, but I have worn the exact same sweatshirt every single day. It’s grey, has my old sorority on it in faded letters, and has been washed one time over the span of the past month. That’s right, I said it. It’s comfy, big enough to wear in public without a bra, and not too thick so I am never too hot. The key is that it is so old and has been washed so many times that it has that very worn-in feel, you know, kinda thin and rough but still warm and cozy? Don’t worry, if you buy a new one just run it through the wash about 100 times when you’re bored one day.



My rubber birkenstocks are tearing at the side and have seen better days, but I cannot wear slippers any longer. It’s getting warmer outside, we have our air off, and I need to air out the toes. Putting on shoes that I would be wearing if I were leaving the house make me feel 10% more productive, and they provide nice air flow, much better than the fluffy slippers of the winter. They’re a great middle ground between pajamas and acceptable day wear.



I would never have recommended a scrunchie due to my fear of being labeled as one of those “Basic VSCO girls” but I have to do it. The other day, my normal hair tie broke from my having worn it so much during quarantine. I fell into the urge and found my old scrunchie, and have worn it ever since. It’s safer for your hair in that it doesn’t get too tight and pull your hairs out (that way you feel better about putting your hair up immediately after a shower) and its a larger size so its harder to lose. There, I said it, I am now a member of the scrunchie cult.


Well, that’s it. I hope this Quarantine Fashion helps you feel that you are not alone, and that anyone can be fashionable these days. With the Met Gala cancelled, it is safe to say that designer wear is no longer a priority.

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