the art of business professional

I got a corporate job. I know, who am I?

I have my own office (larger than my NYC bedroom), multiple computer desktops, AND a bookshelf???? What a world.

So what does one wear to the office? I don’t want to constantly look like I stepped out of an Ann Taylor ad. While I succumbed to the removal of my nose ring, I don’t want to lose myself in plaid and pantsuits. How does a girl who infamously only wears AllSaints and Zara transform herself into an office-ready professional who wears kitten heels and tailored pants?

Well, I did what I do best and went to AllSaints. At my second home, I found an oversized blazer that was only fitted in the arms, perfect for draping over jeans and a tank or the office pants and blouse. It was technically called the “going out” blazer but I’m making it work as a “going in to work on things that are way over my head” blazer.

Now for the blouse. Who even buys blouses? What is a blouse? How does one constrict their neck daily in these things? I went to REVOLVE and selected the blouses section under tops. While half of them showed the entire model’s chest, I did find a few that were office-appropriate. I went for it and got one with the neck thing, I don’t even know what it’s called. Not a mock neck, not a constricting turtle neck, but a stretchy piece of fabric that covers the neck? Anyway, it’s black (shocking), and is very loose fitting with the exception of the neck extravaganza. I don’t feel like I can’t bend my arms and it fits under my absurdly oversized blazer.

So we all know I’m a sucker for some lululemon. Having worked there for awhile, I have learnt to live in leggings and loungewear. I’m not about to sacrifice comfort just to have the presence of a button that digs into my tummy when I sit down at my desk. I found these VINCE pants at Nordstrom; they’re super stretchy but still have a tailored look to them with a zipper hidden at the side. I bought them in black and navy, and I wear them almost every day. Speaking of lululemon, they also have some amazing work pants. Check out the City Sleek pant next time you’re in the store or online.

For shoes, I knew I could not wear a heel all day every day. I went to Anthropologie and luckily they were having a sale on sale, so I went crazy. I got all the loafers and flats imaginable, but tried to keep them creative to where I could show some of my personality. My favorite is a pair of light pink crocodile (fake, obviously) loafers with a slight heel. I get so many compliments and they add the perfect amount of color to my all-black outfits. Come on now, you didn’t think I’d leave the monotone in the past just for a new office job did you?

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