September. Fall is coming but you still have the heat of the summer. You may take one last beach trip over labor day, you may already be buying your pumpkin decor. In this time of transition, here are some of the best books to read during this fun month while sipping your pumpkin spice or your lavender chamomile:


This thick novel is an ode to storytelling; it spans four generations of an infamous French-Canadian family in Quebec, the Lamontagnes. Starting with the great grandmother from America who barely speaks French, continuing with the son famous for his heavy lifting in traveling shows, then on to the daughter of the son who creates her own breakfast empire, and ending with her two sons. The story was nothing like I expected and I loved every second.

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Now this is a must read. It’s not as thick but also not too small to where you’re not content with the plot and ending. When a young man gets sentenced to life in a hotel, he makes the most of it while making it his home. Based in Russia in the 20th century, this novel was the purest of storytelling and had the most amazing lead character. The author’s writing style is so descriptive, he even includes historical footnotes. This read will have you smiling the entire way through.

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This memoir is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer. Written by one of Ernest Hemingway’s close friends, it details the life of the author while he was in Cuba until his death. It’s the most unique glimpse into his life and you feel as though you’re his friend, too. I learned so much more about Hemingway than I have in any other biography and you can tell his friend is giving his most honest portrayal. It was so fun getting to join in on their adventures and adversities, and we all know I love anything Hemingway.



That’s right, I said it. The new book in the Twilight saga is here and it’s wonderful, it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of. It is a retelling of the first book but from Edward’s perspective and I feel as though I am a kid again. 10 year old me is screaming. It’s still just as good reading it as a 22 year old. I think Stephanie Meyer knew that we were all older, so she made Edward’s mind more complex and it runs a mile a minute. If you haven’t read the series or this yet, you should. Do it now. Stop acting like you’re too cool for it!

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I challenge you, readers, to make it a goal for yourself to read one book this month!! And to buy it from your local bookstore, not amazon. Support your fellow bookworms!

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