Okay everyone it looks like this summer is FINALLY about to happen (cue Spongebob scene where they’re all running around in his brain and everything is on fire). While the pandemic is still on the loose and we still need to be extra careful and very smart, we can now start purchasing our summer wardrobe and bringing it out of the depths of our closets. This includes accessories.

Gold has always been a favorite for me, the classic yellow gold, not rose. I think rose gold is gross but to each his own. Rose gold, however, can be worn with anything, it can be dressed up or dressed down, look rustic or look elegant, and it can definitely go over into the fall and winter. Lately I’ve been making my own collection of pieces that I’ve seen on my favorite instagrammers and here are some gold accessories I’ve added that will not break the bank and that you can find anywhere and wear with anything.


I’ve always been very simple with my jewelry, rarely wearing any at all and only sometimes wearing a more daring earring. I’ve never been a hoop person, but I love the tiny ones that hang close to your ear. Mine are from Local Eclectic, a site similar to Etsy in that it compiles work from local artists. What I love about these cute lil hoops is that they can be worn with anything, and if you have multiple piercings they’ll look good in a second or third hole, too. Seriously, I am now wanting to get my ears pierced again just because of these earrings. You can find them here along with other options from the site.



I’m starting to see everyone wearing these in all different shapes and sizes. Some are large chunky links and others, like this one, are smaller and more dainty. What I love about this one is that it is small enough to be worn with other necklaces but also enough of a statement to be worn on it’s own. Again, it’s the perfect piece to wear with a t-shirt and jeans or with one of your favorite dresses going out. This one is from Etsy and you can find similar one’s here!



I know, this is very early 2000s or wannabe VSCO girl but I went out on a limb and got one and I’ve actually really really loved it. It’s so fun to wear and since I never usually wear much jewelry anyway, it adds a little something even though I probably won’t have anything on my ears, neck, or wrists. I feel like I belong on an Olsen twin movie in the Bahamas or hitting on a Gossip Girl character in the Hamptons. You can find this one here from Argento Vivo!



Ever since I saw these all over Khloe Kardashian’s fingers, I have dreamt of having one. Now, they are available on so many sites for such a cheaper price than buying the real thing. Mine is also from Argento Vivo but you can find others on sites like Etsy and Local Eclectic. When wearing it, I feel very powerful yet chic, cool yet sophisticated, and very “on trend”. I know, I sound like a grandma, but I feel like I have gained years of maturity and experience after purchasing this Kardashian ring. It’s also good for stacking and pairing with other rings!

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

That’s all for now, and for you silver lovers I’m sorry to have disappointed you. Anyway, make your post-quarantine debuts matter by looking good and influencer ready! Even if you’re like me and only have <1000 followers.

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