In the eighth grade my mom convinced me to get bangs and the first thing a guy at school told me was that I was more attractive without them.

Fast forward to today and I have them yet again, and once again a guy told me I should grow them out.

I gave him the middle finger this time around.

Sure bangs are risky, but why settle for a boring middle part? That was groundbreaking in 2016, not today. I’m not shaming anyone who doesn’t have bangs, I’m probably going to grow them out anyway. But they’ve been fun! Why not try them??

I went to the salon (s/o @julia_manestation) and requested them; I wish you all could’ve seen the look she gave me. Yes, I know I am stupid and this is a bad decision, I reiterated. I still want them, because what is life without bad decisions?

Anywho, we started the chop and she slowly cut them shorter. Finally they floating on my eyebrows. Since then, my life has been full of feeling quirky, hating pictures of myself, and constantly using dry shampoo.

Sure they’re not for everyone, probably not for me much longer, but I’m so glad I hopped on the quarantine bandwagon (at least I didn’t commit the faux pas of cutting them myself) and did the great chop of 2020. To bangs!

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