I am a self-proclaimed hoarder. I keep so many things: mementos, clothing, photographs. Even in this digital age, I remain convinced that I will want a hard copy one day. I keep wall decorations just in case I want them when I finally move into my forever home, furniture built by family members and clothes I think may come back in style (even though they most likely won’t).

Usually, this wouldn’t be an issue. These are logical things people keep; it’s not like I am one of those individuals shown on TV where I have bottles from 10 years ago. I just really care about heirlooms; that mixed with indecisiveness makes the perfect hoarding combination.

I’ve just moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. On top of that, my parents recently moved and they are no longer storing my things. That leaves me with a large predicament; what do I do with my collection? My stacks of National Geographics, my 7ft tall bookcase, the desk I painted with my grandpa, the painting my grandma bought me?

Well, I still have those things. As you probably have already assumed, I’m not good at this downsizing thing; however, I’ve discovered it becomes much easier to let go.

I will probably move at least 10 times before I settle down. I want to move to different cities, states, and countries. My goal is to be able to move with two suitcases and maybe three boxes shipped. Right now I’m at three suitcases and six boxes.

In order to get to even that amount, I have to go through my closet looking at every item, thinking of the last time I contemplated wearing that item. Did I choose not to wear it? If not, it goes. My family heirlooms like my dad’s school art and ball caps; will I wear this? Will I frame it in my home one day? If not, it goes. Sure, I’m keeping the large bookcase I made with my grandpa at my sister’s house, but that’s a problem for another time.

Downsizing just feels good. Getting rid of bags and boxes of things makes me feel freer, it’s like a much-needed breakup. If I want to live the nomadic lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of, I have to dump the stuff. If you’re reading this, maybe you should dump the stuff too.

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