Wardrobe Vomit

So here I am, sitting in my room alone at 10 pm on a Saturday at the ripe age of 21. To add to my boring weekend routine, I am listening to Fergalicious (obviously), watching YouTube videos, and waiting on my face mask to dry. I have been down the usual rabbit hole of Vogue, Alexa Chung, James Corden, and DamonandJo YouTube updates as well as frolicking around my room trying on everything in my closet. Have I gone back in time to ninth grade? Possibly.

Then it came to mind, what do I do when I move to France? I have so much CRAP. How does one narrow down their closet to match the likes of Vogue PARIS. Here I am, staring at my fashion idol Alexa Chung, and yet I still own clothing that is hot pink.

Don’t get me wrong, hot pink is great. My oversized hot pink sweater is never going to leave my closet. But let’s be real, southern style (especially southern college girl style) SUCKS. Sure, it’s easy to say that I will never wear these size XL sorority t-shirts ever again and donate them. But these basic rompers? The jackets covered in stars? The flared jeans? I know, this is harsh, it is a wakeup call for me as well. But if you are offended by the fact that I don’t like your Tory Burch sandals, then maybe stop reading?

Any who, where was I? Oh yes, moving to Paris. A dream, right? Well, the pressure for my wardrobe is on. So, while I am definitely not vogue, if you are interested, here are some of my main rules for keeping and for giving away:


Keep it Monochromatic

You’re probably like okay Emma, we get it, you wear black all the time. While you are not wrong, there is more to just wearing all black! There’s also all grey!  Wearing only one color or shades of that color tone is proven (by the scientists of Vogue, I’m assuming) to make you not only look slimmer and taller, but also makes you look classy yet edgy, expensive yet without much thought, and can easily be dressed up or down. “Oh, you like my grey plaid trousers with my oversized grey sweater? Why yes, I did put time into getting ready and I definitely got a full 8 hours of sleep.” In reality, you only got 5 hours and you threw on the first thing you saw. But it just looks so GOOD. So, I guess what I’m trying to say is get rid of that colorful top you can only wear with jeans and your white adidas sneakers that make you think any outfit you wear them with turns into a trendy look. (it doesn’t, just get rid of it all)


 Just get RID of it

This is the age-old argument, if you’re questioning it just DONATE it. Or consign it. I really do not care what you do. People around the world are DYING and you’re sitting here debating whether or not you need this gross boutique top from three years ago that maybe you’ll wear again at dinner on vacation or if a friend so happens to host the perfect casual but cute night. NO! That friend will never host that perfect night for you to wear that. You are going to buy so many new things for that vacation you won’t wanna wear that top. Just give it away, it is literally just an article of clothing taking up space.



Invest in that bag. Invest in that top. You won’t remember nor will you keep anything you bought on a whim at target or online at one of those cheap Instagram boutiques. But you will remember the perfectly tailored top you gave good money for at Neiman Marcus or the Theory trousers you bought at a vintage resale store. Invest in the brands, not because you are vain, but because they are not made in a sweat shop across the world where the workers are making $3 an hour in terrible conditions. Also, because it will last and you will cherish it always. So much more goes into fashion than just the current trend at Urban Outfitters. While I love Urban, maybe look at the same trends but at Nordstrom. They’re like the grandchildren of the top designers but at Urban Outfitters prices. Instead of spending tons of money over a year long period at a store where you will throw away everything after a year of use, save the money and invest it in a silk scarf that you’ll add to any of your monochromatic outfits for years to follow. See? It’s easy!


Good luck with your purging and please send me pictures of your best black outfits and investment pieces!!! We love to see it!

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