There are several requirements in a closet, and one is the four types of coat.

It’s getting colder and September is already halfway over; it’s time to bring out the parkas, the leather, and the suede. Here are the four must have coats that should be in your closet this season:


Okay, so most of my coats are vintage but there is one in particular that I believe absolutely screams thrift store gold. It’s my plaid oversized boxy jacket I snagged from a vintage shop by an obscure Turkish brand; it is loose fitting and cuts me right at the waist. Normally not a flattering length; however, since it’s oversized it’s perfect. It has two front pockets and a rough hem that leaves strings dangling with a carefree yet full-on vogue look.


I only recently bought a tweed blazer at a consignment store in Paris (I know, dreamy right?) and I’m obsessed. It’s a classic black and white and again, slightly oversized, so I can comfortably throw it on over anything. Jeans and a white t-shirt? Leggings and a sweater? It’s there.


I found my parka at Zara for $20. It’s huge, it’s cozy, and it keeps me extremely warm. You don’t need an expensive name brand athletic coat to be warm and considered “fashionable”. Mine is just solid black and it did me so well in the frigid temps of Iceland and on the streets of Manhattan. Running to the store on the corner in your sneakers and pajama pants? Wear your parka. Raining but still wanna look good? Black parka. Snowing but make it fashion? Parka!


I wear my trench all winter long. It’s a very loose fit but that makes it perfect for throwing on over any outfit, bulky or not, and when you’re in a slinky dress for dinner it’s the best for hanging over your shoulders. I tie the belt to cinch at the waist and let the rest flow around me. It’s warm and cuddly, basically like a teddy bear or a large man.

So, readers, which coat is your favorite? What are you going to buy next? Don’t forget to shop sustainably and go to your local consignment or vintage store to find your winter must-have (unless you’re like me and love the occasional Zara run).

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