An Ode to Color

Dear Color,

I am sorry. I am sorry that I left you. I am sorry I donated and sold you. I am sorry you are most likely sitting in a grimy consignment store that smells like old women and off brand laundry detergent. I hope you are living your best life on the backs of kids who truly enjoy your vibrancy; I’m sorry I could not be that person to you.

You see, I didn’t plan on meeting him. He just sort of came to me, and once we set eyes on each other, there really was no return. Black is my color now. It was love at first sight, and now he takes up my entire wardrobe. He has established dominancy in my life and my choices-my house décor, my shoes, and my accessories. He has wiggled his way into the deeper areas of my life-my mood is reflective of his mysterious gloom. While he may be toxic at times, he makes me feel powerful and the most myself I have ever felt.


Some cannot understand the love we have for each other. They see me wearing all black and think me a classic wannabe edgy millennial. But they are wrong, he is more than that to me. He is a timeless trend, he is versatile, he never goes wrong.

So listen color, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for us. And I hate to say that it probably never will. Just know that someone else out there loves and appreciates you, however you will not be missed.

With best regards,






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