Well, it’s not France.

I know what you’re thinking; I held out hope for so long only to give up. You’re right, I gave up on the France dream. The world is dealing with a global pandemic, we have to adapt. I adapted to Brooklyn.

I was watching my favorite movie, “How to Be Single”, when I saw Dakota Johnson cross the Brooklyn bridge in a bright yellow cab. It was that moment when I knew I was moving to New York. I immediately got online and found an apartment, called my boss requesting a transfer, and started contemplating the many rental van options for lugging my bookcase up the east coast.


I wasn’t happy in my current situation. It was impossible for me to be content. Graduating during a pandemic is tough; all my plans were quickly shattering around me and I was receiving rejection after rejection email. I wasn’t getting any jobs because I didn’t have an address in the city those jobs resided in. So I figured that’s it, I’ll just get a Brooklyn address.

What does that mean for URBAN FLEUR? A blog that has prided itself on its knowledge of France and its home base being the cheese and wine capital of the world? (Don’t fact check me on that). We adapt. 

I’ve always tried to teach myself how to be content in my current situation. While that’s a good ability to have, I just don’t have it. That’s why my new mantra includes adapting. If I’m not happy, I’m not going to learn how to deal with that unease in my stomach. I’m going to try to fix it.

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So that’s it! URBAN FLEUR will still be the blog you know and (hopefully) love, detailing real-life issues, books you should be reading, current fashion trends, and hot travel spots. But it will also be an all-you-need-to-know blog on Brooklyn, New York City, and everything else within. Don’t expect too much; I’m still figuring it out too, this is happening during a global pandemic remember. We’ll still talk France and the rest of the world, but adapt with me and let’s learn more about the city that should’ve been our country’s capital.

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