I am not having fun.

I know we joke around and put up snapchats and tiktoks showing us having fun and making light of the situation, but the reality is this sucks. My friends, fresh college graduates, are being laid off before their job even begins. Our schools are cancelled, we’re “working” from home, and the bridge between student and real-life adult feels less sturdy by the day. What are we? Of which group do we identify? Why is my fellow 21 year old already filing for unemployment?


I’ve already read three full books this week and its only Thursday. I’ve cleaned my house several times and showered every day but for what, the people I’m seeing? The classes I’m attending? My cats? Before, my life was full of excitement. The thrill of spring on campus, the knowledge that after the last hustle of exams I get to experience the joy of graduation. After a quick month or two, I’d then move across the Atlantic to begin the life I’ve always dreamed of. Now what? Summer began months earlier and classes are difficult but with nothing to look forward to afterward. Our birthdays come and go unnoticed and another milestone is marked without even blinking an eye.


This time sucks, for everyone. We are all unhappy. This isn’t a “find joy in the midst of this struggle” kind of posts, it is an “in solidarity” post. This sucks and I’m not going to fake that it doesn’t. I want to be living my life, eating croissants, buying plane tickets, and making post-graduation plans. I want to be cherishing my last moments with my roommates and the rest of my college friends, planning going-away parties and housewarming, purchasing a “congrats on the new job” cake. I don’t want to be starting my fourth book of the week.

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Anyway, after this long rant of complaints and venting, I hope this gives you some refreshment knowing that it’s okay to be upset; it’s okay to be more than upset. I look forward to the day I can write a “Best Boulangéries for Croissants in Paris” instead of this sad excuse of a post. Au revoir and c’est dommage I guess !

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