While I may not be lucky enough to be a French woman, I can at least try. We all know the stereotype – beautiful, skinny, great accents, amazing wardrobes, and perfect skin. French women see skincare as a very important part of one’s everyday health and you can expect French products to match those expectations. Luckily the world is smaller than ever and we can order almost anything online and it’ll be here within the week. The following products are some of those that won’t break the bank that have changed my skin, not quite to French woman level but pretty close.


Translated, this is a concentrated “milk cream” or moisturizer. You can order it on Amazon for around $15 or find it in any French drugstore (if in France, obviously). This product has become extremely popular recently with more and more beauty bloggers and influencers recommending it. I’ve used it for the past several years and can say that it is the best moisturizer. You might have seen me testing out the La Mer moisturizers, which you can read about here, and using them side by side I really cannot tell much of a difference. This moisturizer is a little heavier and when first using it I would get a bump or two, but after a couple uses my skin got used to the extra moisture and now it’s as soft as a baby’s bottom. It also has a very great smell that I cannot describe but just trust me that it smells wonderful.



I use a Vitamin C serum everyday. Vitamin C is great for dark spots, discoloration, and anti-aging. Even after a period of bad acne I have no spots anywhere on my face because of this stuff. I’m also covered in freckles and this somehow takes the “sunspot” freckles away, leaving me with the perfect amount of my “natural” freckles. I know, it doesn’t make sense. This particular serum is 10% pure vitamin C, whereas others list it as one of their many ingredients. Think of it like when you buy pet food, you want the first ingredient to be actual meat!



Micellar water has become incredibly popular as a makeup remover. This was the first one I tried and somehow the others just don’t compare. Even the same brand just rebranded into the English version and is sold in Target and does not work as well. The ones I’ve tried from US stores dry out my face too much and seem much harsher on my skin. This one feels very pure and does not make my face dry or red. It’s definitely worth ordering online instead of going to the store and getting the Americanized version. Also, it comes in such a large bottle for only around $12 and lasts for so long!!!

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For everyone out there who can’t help that their thighs touch, this is for you. This translates to “organic anti-chaffing lotion” and I have become unashamedly obsessed. I love wearing skirts and dresses in the summer but I also walk EVERYWHERE I go. When you’re stomping up the steep hills of Montmartre, the last thing you want to think about is how raw your inner thighs are becoming. This anti-chaffing cream beats any other method I’ve used before. I got it for €6 at a little store around the corner of where I was staying and I now use it all the time.

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All of these can be found online or in your neighborhood “pharmacie” en France. Enjoy your luscious no-longer-chaffing thighs and your milky-soft skin. Also, it’s fun doing your skincare routine knowing that thousands of fashionable French women are doing it with you! Soon we will all be looking like we belong in Ratatouille.

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