This year is one of my first years spending Valentine’s Day in a relationship. I know, who IMG_4881is she? While this is one of my favorite holidays, it’s my favorite because I love the colors, hearts, candies, and emphasis on GALENTINE’S. With that being said, my boyfriend and I celebrated a few days ago, and this Friday night I am spending with my best girl friends ordering pizza, drinking some homemade cocktails, and watching these movies:


This movie teaches you how to love, how to love yourself. I know, you’re probably laughing. I watched this movie after a breakup and it actually changed my life. It makes you want to be your best self and move to the city, get a trendy apartment, amp up your wardrobe, and be alone. There are some other relationships in this movie that make it okay for a couple to watch, too, don’t worry.




Okay so yea maybe this isn’t the best one for couples, but it is the best feel-good movie that will INSPIRE you to go on your own adventure. Like Bilbo Baggins, you may be wanting to spend this Valentine’s Day cuddled up in your Hobbit hole being a recluse to the world. This is okay, but you should also take advantage of the small amount of time in your life where you don’t have to worry about anyone else, and go on your adventure. 



Okay, you may hate me for watching this. I cried, A LOT, in this movie. BUT it is so so cute and ends making you feel like you have been in touch will all of your emotions, the good bad and the ugly. It has sad moments, it has happy moments, and it is a cool story of so many lives intertwining in odd and depressing ways (I’m not really selling this movie to you but you should watch the trailer).


SO, that’s it. I wish you all a happy V(G)alentine’s Day and happy movie watching!!

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