I know, writing a post about Versailles, France without including the palace is a very tough feat. But, little do you know there is MORE to this town than just the palace. Before it was a palace, it was the King’s large hunting lodge surrounded by forests. Now, the city has grown exponentially and it is a fun weekend getaway if you’re not wanting to stay in France’s capital city of Paris. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite spots in Versailles:


I know what you’re thinking, pizza? In France? I’ve had this discussion many times with friends who live or have lived in Europe, and we all agree that France has the best pizza, aside from Italy of course. Logically, there are neighbors, so many Italians have made their way north. This makes things great for us non Italians, considering pizza is my favorite food. La Napoli is a very random restaurant standing on a quiet corner. We walked in and were immediately looked at with quizzical looks, as we were obvious tourists. The pizza and wine was amazing and that’s all we really cared about.



This little boulangerie is tiny on the inside with a large outdoor seating space. It is on one of the picturesque streets of Versailles and my friend and I sat outside watching the comings and goings of the locals with the palace in the distance. I had a very sad gingerbread man (as it was almost Christmas) and we relaxed for as long as was acceptable. You can find many of these little spots in Versailles, but to find outdoor seating at a not-so-touristy spot is a very tough feat, and I am proud of this one.



I know what you’re thinking, Monoprix is like the target of France. It is literally a grocery store. But, if you’re going to Versailles for more than just the palace then you’re most likely wanting to get away and nestle up alone and away from the bustle. At Monoprix, there will be bags of madeleines by Bonne Maman. These are the best Madeleines you will get anywhere. I know this sounds crazy, but my friend and I bought several bags and didn’t leave our AirBnb all night, eating our madeleines and leftover pizza, and watching the TV series, Versailles. I love these things so much, that before I left Paris on my most recent visit, I stuffed several bags in my suitcase.


So there it is, short and sweet, taking on Versailles like a local! You’ll only want to spend a short time here, so along with these spots try to explore all the winding little streets and see the shops this town has to offer! It’s more than just a château!

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