Spring! My favorite time of the year; the weather is perfect, the trees are waking up, and the flowers and getting ready for their show. It’s like in “Miss Congeniality” when her perfect day consisted of needing to wear a light sweater, that’s how I feel about Spring.

Simultaneously, there is rebirth and death (okay maybe not so morbid); plants are coming alive but the last day of school is closely approaching. For me, my chapter on college is about to come to an end. (Shh, we’ll save that for a different post.) During this sweet period of simultaneity, what’s better than to sit outside (or inside if you’re up North) and read a book to carry you through those last few chapters of life and into the new beginning of summer?

PARIS, 7 A.M. by Liza Wieland

Three girl friends head to Paris after graduating college in the late 1930s. German soldiers are making their presence known and the Nazi symbol is not a rare thing to be seen. Elizabeth Bishop, not yet the famous poet she will soon be, finds a community of expats; from there, she can be seen traveling Europe, rescuing Jewish newborns, while all the while wondering what exactly is happening. Based on the true story of the popular American poet, this novel tells of her incredible life that seems unimaginable, and yet it all happened right under the Nazi’s noses.



The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline

With Spring comes the transition of the wardrobe, which means the perfect time to purge one’s closet. This book inspired me to really purge; you see, I go through my clothes a lot, constantly trying to attain a minimalist wardrobe. Within the first chapter, I realized so much that I was ignorant to; for example, there are several types of “closet” to set a goal toward that is not just one of minimalism. The book teaches you how to shop ethically and encourages you to go through every single item you own and donate or sell it. It was such an intriguing read and a quick fun way of learning what I should be doing, after the first chapter I donated three tote bags of clothes!!! (Also, I encourage you to donate to your local homeless shelter instead of Goodwill, that way it can be put directly into the hands of those who need it!)


The Dutch House by Ann Patchett

I picked this book up because it was a signed first edition and I thought the cover was pretty. I now recommend it to everyone I know. For someone who reads two books a week (or more), there’s not a problem with me getting through a book quickly; however, there is a huge difference than me just doing what I do and finishing a book rather fast or not being able to put the book down. The Dutch House was one of those I could not put down. I’m pretty sure I canceled a date with my boyfriend because I wanted to finish it (I’m sorry Alex!). Told from a man’s perspective, the narrative follows a family, specifically the son and daughter, as their father purchases the large mansion that changes their entire lives. The immense detail of the narrative makes you feel as though you too are participating in the story and these lives. Following them from childhood to old age, you feel for the characters and you feel like you have also attended one of the twenties-esque parties at the Dutch House. I cannot recommend this book enough!!!!! One of the most unique narratives I have ever read.


Writers and Lovers by Lily King RELEASES MARCH 3, 2020

We’ve already had a take on the artist as a young man, but what about the artist as a young woman? This not-yet-released had me racing to the final pages. A story of a young girl in the late 90’s suffering from the recent death of her mother and a breakup from a recent lover. She’s 31, living in Massachusetts, and constantly receiving wedding invitations while she wastes her life away as a waitress. Unlike her married friends, she still has creative ambitions and dreams, that is until she falls for two men at the same time. This fun read is the perfect mix between light-hearted summer and weighted-down winter, the best kind of read for going into Spring.

44DF7D78-9363-45AE-B5E4-0B1847E25ECEKeep in mind with all of these book recommendations, please buy from your local indie bookshop, not Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Support those small businesses and happy reading! 

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