Oh France, your cheese your booze and your scenery, what a place. I love you with all my heart; your history is fascinating and your food stands out among the rest. You really do have no faults, except YOUR GOVERNMENT MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM. The amount of times I’ve cried over the French government? 132 and some change. Want to have an expedient happy process? Well, don’t count on the French!

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I follow a lot of expats on social media and other platforms and they all have this same complaint. I thought I was ready, I thought I was prepared, until I realized my preparation was futile. Oh, the embassy needs more documents? Here, I have highlighted and made notes on the documents so they are as specific as possible, and yet I have since received FIVE EMAILS STATING THAT THEY ARE NOT SPECIFIC ENOUGH. How much more can I explain a bank note?


I leave for France next week. NEXT WEEK. Do I have my passport? No. Do I know where it is? Yes, AT THE FRENCH EMBASSY IN WASHINGTON DC. Have I emailed them stating that I leave next week and that even if I don’t have the visa can I please have my passport? YES I’VE EMAILED THEM FOUR MORE TIMES. I know many of you are excited about my journey to France, but unfortunately, I cannot promise you that I’ll be doing anything other than writing out of a garbage can after graduation.

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I’m sorry for all my metaphorical shouting, really. But at this point I am tired of crying in class and laying in bed thinking about how my life is ruined. Now I know why there have been so many revolutions in France. I am now collecting signees for the next government overthrow, but don’t worry Macron, I still love you.

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