Quarantine has introduced me to an entirely new level of boredom. I wake up, I eat, I drink coffee, and I sit until my next meal. Maybe I’ll do some homework, maybe I’ll even go on a walk. I play with my cat, and then I eat some more. I’ll read until I physically cannot read any more.

My fellow students, my roommates, and my cat are all facing the issue that our futures are now uncertain. Okay, maybe my cat is not as worried about this as we are. But it’s true, it’s really hard to be a graduating student right now. My friends’ internships have been cancelled and their plans for employment following graduation are quickly crumbling around them. What is there to do in order to get away from all of  the sanity other than to dive into a book? Or baking? Not drugs though, let’s not do that.

I know it’s near impossible to get any new books at the moment, but my favorite place, Avid Bookshop, is still selling on their website and shipping orders out as we speak. They’re a local spot and have given me some of the best experiences of my college career, so please please order from them! Here are some of the books I’m reading this week, and maybe this list will encourage you to scroll through what Avid has available and pick out something new.

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein

I know, it says autobiography but it is written by another person. These two lovebirds revolutionized Paris and the literary scene of the 1920s. Gertrude was a contact and a mentor and a friend to many, including Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and Picasso (her and Picasso were besties, and she talks about this in the book). I think the title is misleading, a huge chunk of this is about Gertrude herself, but it’s so exciting looking into the lives of this lost generation from a primary source such as the relationship of Gertrude and Alice.


State of Wonder by Ann Patchett

I am a huge Ann Patchett fan after reading her book, Dutch House, where my little blurb of it can be seen hereState of Wonder is the story of Dr. Marina Singh (female doctor lead!!! Yes!!) as she goes deep into the Amazon to find her partner, Dr. Annick Swenson. It is a story of adventure, science, and emotional urgency, all set deep within the rainforest. I love love Ann Patchett, and I also love reading something with a setting different than your typical city or countryside.


The Librarian of Auschwitz by Antonio Iturbe

Based on a true story, this novel follows the young Dita as she is imprisoned in Auschwitz. She is given the responsibility of keeping eight books that prisoners have managed to sneak in and she becomes the librarian of the camp. This amazing narrative tells of courage, perseverance, and immense heartbreak. I love historical reads, especially World War II era stories, and I cannot recommend this one enough.

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Those should get you through the next few weeks (or days), and please don’t buy these on Amazon! Look for local bookstores and if you want to, reach out to me through the contact tab and I’ll tell you some great choices in your area that have an online shopping option. Happy Reading!


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