For any lover of all things glamorous and extravagant, Halloween practically serves as the Met Gala for those whose invitation from Anna Wintour must have gotten lost in the mail. For many, the best part of the holiday has always been getting to experiment with wild makeup looks, hair colors, and outfits that they would never wear on any date aside from October 31st

This year, Halloween looks a little different. There will be no trick-or-treating, no massive parties in Brooklyn lofts, no ticketed events at five-story bars. But while 2020 may have stunted our partying, it hasn’t stunted our creativity- in fact; it may have upped the ante. All of the solitary time in quarantine broke down boundaries when it came to self-dyeing hair (purple was my personal favorite), bold eyeshadow looks, and ordering wild, hand-made pieces off of Depop. 

So now that pushing limits is en Vogue, what kind of looks should you try on for size to wow your Instagram followers, roommates, or innocent bystanders on the streets this Halloween? 


Shine bright like a diamond in a (non-Swarovski) version of Rihanna’s famous crystal flapper ensemble. Get a glittering, semi-sheer dress, with a head wrap (or make one) and dare to bare this Halloween. Throw on a faux fur shrug for maximum impact. Perfect Instagram caption provided by Rihanna- “she can beat me but she can not beat my outfit.”


If social distancing restrictions have still allowed you to spend quarantine with a handful of frequently tested gals, recruit the whole team to take on unapologetic NYC greatness in the form of the cast of Sex and the City. Engage in a heated discussion about who is who (everyone will want to be Carrie), and be honest with yourself (Miranda is a LAWYER and a BOSS!).  If you or one of your friends has a willing boyfriend, maybe toss him in the line-up as the Mr. Big to your Carrie because let’s face it, it was never going to work with Aidan. 


Grab a tank top or a fun t-shirt, a tutu, and a faux fur coat. Two different colored heels are mandatory. Cosmopolitan sold separately. 


For sweetheart Charlotte, go Jackie O with a pastel, polka-dot, or floral dress, Kentucky Derby style wide-brimmed Hat, and a pearl choker. The more classic, the more Charlotte. 


Business casual is the name of the game when it comes to Miranda. Dress to impress at an interview with your dream job. Pantsuits are encouraged, navy and black are preferred. 


Have a fearless friend take on Samantha’s signature style- sexy, slinky, and short. Pair with plenty of jewelry (gold hoops are a plus) and a killer pair of heels. Long live the real queen of SATC! 


Bring art to life this Halloween as Frida Kahlo a la Selena Gomez’s Allure Cover. Paint on a bold lip, make or purchase your own headpiece, and pay homage to one of the greatest female artists of all time. If you’re familiar with Kahlo’s work and want to amplify the creative aspect, try out your own interpretation of “The Two Fridas” to truly embody her complex nature.


If you’re itching to emulate Marilyn Monroe this Halloween, steer away from the traditional Seven Year Itch look and opt for another iconic Marilyn moment. Get a hot pink dress, pearl necklace, and pink gloves and go to town on the traditional pin-up hair and makeup. Don’t forget the beauty mark. No flashing required. 


Makeup aficionados should try on a Bratz Doll look for size this Halloween. Heavy eyeshadow, full lips, and proper contouring technique are required. Pick the doll of your choice and start hunting for a y2k micro-mini. Countless photo-ops are guaranteed. 


As we saw on Margot Robbie in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, the most easily recognizable Sharon Tate uniform is the white micro-mini, black turtleneck, and white go-go boots. Stick to the classic outfit, but really focus your attention on nailing the makeup. Lidded liner, full bottom lashes, and arched brows will help you pay tribute to a star gone too soon. 


For the makeup and fashion obsessed, Lily Collins’ Priscilla Presley inspired look at the 2019 Met Gala is a worthy challenge. Grab some hairspray and a teasing brush, a wide headband, and flower clips, and keep a YouTube makeup tutorial at hand. For those who don’t have access to Giambattista Valli haute couture, look for any romantic white/off-white dress with a wedding day flair. I highly recommend a thrift shop or Depop account specializing in vintage eveningwear to find your perfect dress at an affordable price. Don’t be afraid to go overboard, the name of this game is CAMP. 


Last Halloween, there was no shortage of Maddy Perez looks out on the town. While you wait for season two, get your Euphoria fix by recreating one of the less replicated looks- Rue’s star makeup and purple suit prom look. Non-Euphoria fans may need an included picture to get the reference, but die-hards will immediately recognize (and fangirl over) your spin on this look. 


Didn’t take a hair risk during quarantine? Try on a colored wig for size or take Natalie Portman’s iconic character’s pink hued bob for a real-life spin. Short pink bangs, lots of blush, and a bedazzled bra will do the trick. Search the character online for similar and affordable versions of her signature pink fringe top. 


For those looking to air on the scary side of Halloween style- Natalie Portman’s Black Swan character is the perfect mixture of spooky and sexy. You may have to recruit a friend with a steady hand to help with the feather eyeliner, but this dramatic look is a show-stopper. For those looking for a simpler and budget-friendly take on Nina’s dark side:  look for a black bustier, full black mini skirt, or a dress with a lace-up corset, and let your makeup do the talking. Plus, the ballet bun is an instant cheekbone enhancer.

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