Yesterday, it was a hot 80 degrees. Today, it was a chilly 60. Aside from the obvious climate change that many are choosing to ignore, we are all familiar with this transitional weather where Winter is deciding if it is going to end or not and Spring is trying its hardest to make its great debut. I know right now you’re inside due to quarantine, but maybe you’re standing in front of your closet wondering what the hell am I supposed to do with this?


It’s the age-old layers recommendation, but I’m not talking a top and a cardigan. Come on, you can do better. You can work with layers. I recently got this oversized black silk button down tunic; originally hoping it would be long enough to wear as a dress (it’s not). I had already taken off the tags (like we all do in great haste after our exciting new purchases) and could not return. I had always liked wearing flannels unbuttoned over t-shirts so why not dry it with this? This isn’t very groundbreaking stuff, but a silk button down can be sexy, it can be office, it can be class appropriate. I wear mine over a tank or t-shirt or sometimes just tied into a knot. I pair it with my raw-hem skinny jeans (or shorts if warm enough!!!) and my new Alepel hand-painted slides. What I love about the Alepel brand is each product is made to order and hand painted; they are also often doing promotions where a portion of their sales goes to benefit a charity organization.


The Long Dress

I don’t want to call this section “maxi dress” because just that word itself makes me cringe. Instead, I’m talking about those dresses that hit mid calf or just above the ankle and you’re always way too scared to buy because that only looks good on the model. Trust me, that’s what I thought too. But I took a leap of faith and tried one on and it actual fit perfectly (wasn’t too clingy), isn’t a thick material but not thin enough to show things that I would prefer to keep well covered, and I can wear it with sneakers or dress it up with some pumps. So, go out of your comfort zone and try on that weird-length dress, it may just become your spring go to.


The Boyfriend Jean

I know, it’s a sensitive subject. These jeans are everyone’s favorite, and yet they NEVER seem to look good on you, only on the models you see or the girls walking by who seem to have no thighs. I get it, I still haven’t quite found my perfect pair. They’re too big in the waist, too tight in the crotch, the list goes on. HOWEVER, I have found a couple that I truly do enjoy wearing and guess what? They were thrifted! Yes, from my good friend at @goodstuffandco on instagram. They’re the hardest jean to find, so why not go look for them at a place where someone once loved them and just had to sell because they grew out of them? That way they’ve already passed the waist fit test? If you can’t find boyfriend jeans, don’t worry, cropped jeans have also come back into style and are here to save our lives and our lower calves from the awkward weather.

Processed with VSCO with q4 preset

A Classic Tee

So I used to think t-shirts were only allowed to be three sizes too big and only worn when in college, but I’ve soon realized this is just not the case. You can buy a t-shirt that *gasp* can fit you!?! I made this discovery when I bravely ordered one in a….wait for it….size Medium, not XXL. It fit, was still loose around the stomach like a normal top, but it didn’t feel like I was draped in a bedsheet. And guess what. I wore it out. It was cute, it was my actual size, so jackets and cardigans fit over it. That tunic top from earlier? I wear the t-shirt under it. It’s freezing outside? I wear my leather jacket and I’m ready to shed layers when it gets to the hot afternoon. I know, who would’ve thought that buying something in your size was actually a good idea? And it’s an easy piece to find thrifting.


I know this may not be very useful now, but maybe it’ll give you some fun online shopping to do (hopefully from local stores who could use your business during this time!!!) or some pinterest board ideas. If you liked what you saw, you can find my best friend Sammy on instagram @sammy_hartley_ to see more of her fashion choices, including what she wore to London Fashion Week. Bisous!

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