I have had a plethora of jobs; I’ve held corporate positions, participated in internships, and I’ve even assisted an NGO in Africa. I can confidently say no other company has ever been able to compare to Lululemon. Not only am I a total lulu convert when it comes to their clothing, the company culture and the community is incomparable. I understand their prices are not for everyone; my discount definitely helped me achieve the closet I have today! That being said, here are my current lulu must-have pieces whether you are able to thrift them or purchase in store.


This tight is my absolute favorite. It’s definitely the underdog of their workout pants, but trust me when I say they are the best. They are thicker than some of their others, therefore every piece of chunk that I don’t want people to be able to see clearly is hidden. When I’m at the gym I swear my thighs don’t even move. They also shape your butt the best out of any of them !!! Not to mention they have pockets and the new design includes a drawstring at the waist. There’s a reason these are constantly sold out.


Do not get this confused with the other Ebb to Street tank; this one is definitely the superior of the two. It has a high neckline so your boobs aren’t always near explosion. The built in bra isn’t too tight (I always have this problem with Lulu bras), and the crop sits so well with the tights! I’m trying to get this in every color; however, it too is frequently sold out.


Okay my fellow big booby ladies, this bra is your saving grace. Like the aforementioned tank, it has a high neckline so there is full coverage and compression. It’s also what we at Lulu call “long line” in that its band comes low to sit around your ribs. I put this on and even a mountain couldn’t move my ta tas.


So these are definitely the most popular of the group. Although they don’t have pockets, similar to the all the right places they keep everything tucked in and hunkered down. I love the high waist and I always size down for the best compression. I put these on and feel like my legs have never looked better! They’re also fine to workout in, unlike the ever popular Align tights.


I’m sure you’ve heard of the Scuba. There’s the classic Scuba Full-Zip jacket that you notoriously have to size up four sizes in. The scuba joggers that are the comfiest items in my closet however I look dangerously close to an Oompa Loompa in them. Then you have this, the perfect creation most likely crafted by God herself. It’s so oversized, it’s think but warm, it’s soft, it’s everything a jacket should be. I usually don’t like hoods but this one doesn’t bother me; however, if you absolutely detest hoods they just came out with a new hoodless version you can find here.

I won’t lie to you, some of these items will most likely be sold out online in your size and/or preferred color. The good news is you can search postmark or eBay, and I’ve been told there are some Lululemon resell Facebook groups?? I also know that I find Lulu in almost any consignment store I set foot in. That being said, good luck and happy hunting my lemons!!

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